Photopea Photoshop Online Totally Free

Photoshop is undoubtedly the most complete photo editing solution that has retained this title over the past years and has proven to be excellence every year by presenting new editions. Besides this software, there are also other open source options like GIMP that can provide some of the Photoshop options for free. But if you use Photoshop to date and get familiar with the features of this software, you might want to use alternative software like GIMP is not easy, so a Czech-based programmer, Ivan Kutskir, has designed an online Photopsoftware called Photopea, which is not only in appearance but also in functionality, just like the original Photoshop. This is Photoshop online for free and is supported by ads.

New online Photoshop features numerous editing tools including spot healing, stamp healing and patch tools that are part of the advanced Photoshop tools. In this software, layers, masks, smart objects, layers, filters, wraps, and many more are commonly used in free online applications.

For Photopea’s development, more than 7,000 hours have been spent, and only 1.5 million visits were made in October last year. This tool, of course, also has a Premium Subscription, which is, of course, much to be supported, for $ 9 a month and $ 20 for 90 days. Holders of this Premium Account no longer see ads on this platform. In the free Photopea version, you can easily insert and print PSD files and access the editing tools mentioned above.


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