500 Poses for Photographing Women

Determining the best way to pose your subject—a way that is flattering to the individual, appropriate to the setting and clothing, and visually appealing in the overall composition—can be one of the biggest challenges in creating a successful portrait. This is especially true when creating portraits of women, where the photographer may be called on to create anything from a very traditional head-and-shoulders pose to a more adventurous full-length look straight out of the pages of a fashion magazine. Quite simply, the variations are almost limitless. Thiscollectionisavisualsourcebookdesignedtoaddress exactly that problem. Filled with images by some of the world’s most accomplished portrait, fashion, and commercial photographers, it provides a resource for photographers seeking inspiration for their own work. Stuck on what to do with a particular client or unsure how to use a given prop? Flip through the sample portraits, pick something you like, then adapt it as needed to suit your tastes. Looking to spice up your work with some new poses? Find a sample that appeals to you and looks for ways to implement it (or some element of it) with one of your subjects. For ease of use, the portraits are grouped according to how much of the subject is shown in the frame. Thus, the book begins with head-and-shoulders portraits, followed by portraits that introduce one or both hands into the head-and-shoulders look. Next are waist-up portraits, featuring images that include the head and shoulders, arms and hands, and at least some of the subject. Movingontothreequarter-length portraits, the examples feature subjects shown from the head down to mid-thigh or mid-calf. The balance of the book features full-length images—the most complex portrait because they include the entire body. Both the three-quarter- and full-length portraits are subdivided into poses for standing subjects, seated subjects, and reclining subjects. It can be difficult to remain creative day after day, year after year, but sometimes all you need to break through a slump is a little spark. In this book, you’ll find a plethora of images designed to provide just that.

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